Paquito, the Jamaican

The Jamaican fighter Frank Crozier

Frank Crozier in the sport magazine Stadium

The first boxer who dared to face Jack Johnson in Spain was Frank Crozier.  Affectionately nicknamed «Paquito», Crozier was born in Jamaica. After spending some time in Barcelona had settled in Madrid, where he was giving classes of boxing in a gymnasium. Without being a world class fighter, became very popular in Spain when boxing gave its first steps in this country. Participated in numerous boxing and became much loved by the fans.

When his boxing academy went into bankruptcy, Crozier tried to accompany Jack Johnson some of his tours in Spain. After the departure of the champion, the Jamaican fighter realized that he could no longer live boxing, so did to himself masseur of the team of football Club Deportivo Nacional.

The jamaican fighter frank crozier, rival of Jack Johnson, in a boxing contest

Frank Crozier in action